How to Solve ‘Video is Still Processing’ on Google Drive

  • Google Drive recently added a feature called “Uploaded Videos” that allows users to access their uploaded files quickly.
  • This usually happens because of unstable connections or large file sizes.
  • The main reasons why the video is still being processed are as follows: The uploaded video file is too large.
  • The browser version is too old.
  • The downloaded video screen is incomplete or damaged.
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Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive are extremely popular. A lot of people use them to store documents, photos, and music, but they may encounter error messages like “Video Still Processing.” These errors usually occur because your connection is unstable or your file size is too large. Here are some tips to help you fix this problem.

Why is Google Drive telling me that the video is still processing?

Many users have experienced an error message saying “We’re processing this video. Please check back later,” when they try to open or download the uploaded video in Google Drive after hours of waiting.

Users are now able to access their uploaded videos quickly with Google Drive’s new “Uploaded Videos” feature. However, sometimes the process can be a bit slower than expected. The system will inform customers, “Video is still being processed.”

Whenever you are prompted to upload a video to Google Drive and Google Drive needs to process the video before you can watch it on a specific device, this means you attempted to upload the video to Google Drive, and Google Drive needs to process the video to allow it to play. If you receive a video upload error message for a prolonged period of time, it means the video upload was unsuccessful. You must upload it again or fix Google Drive.

As long as you don’t have any interruptions in your work, you can ignore this prompt. After some time, the video will be uploaded successfully and the status will change to “Successful.”

Why is my video on Google Drive still being processed?

The video from Google Photos and Google Drive is still being processed, so the video cannot be played in Google Drive. The main reasons are:

  • Too much data has been uploaded for the uploaded video.
  • It takes too long for the internet to load.
  • There is an outdated version of the browser.
  • Cache file is damaged in the browser.
  • A problem has occurred with Google Drive’s server.
  • There are issues with the video screen that has been downloaded.

How to troubleshoot google drive video is still processing?

You need to update your browser

In most cases, the problem is caused by your browser, so check to see if it is out of date and update it. Depending on the browser you are using, you may need to follow different steps to update your browser. Here is how to update Chrome:

1. Launch Google Chrome browser and select Help, then About Google Chrome from the menu in the upper right corner.

Google Drive Processing Video Time

It can take minutes to a few hours or even days for Google Drive to process a video for preview in Google Drive. There is no specific timeframe or rule for Processing the Video in Google Drive. Transcoding the video takes time depending on the video’s resolution, format, file size, codecs, Google server speed, and Internet speed.

You’ll receive an automatic update notification if an updated version is available. Chrome checks for the most recent version automatically.

Chrome will restart if the latest version of Chrome was updated. Click Restart to restart Chrome.

Once you log into Google Drive again, you will no longer have the problem with unresponsive videos.

We’re Processing This Video Please Check Back Later

You’ll see YouTube begin processing the video when you upload it. Occasionally, it may take longer or become hung and you’ll see an error message.

Google Drive Were Processing This Video

In all, it’s unclear what the processing time is for Google Drive videos. Some report that it could take up to 10 minutes for a video to upload, while others claim their 50MB videos take weeks to process.

Updated: December 2023

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Clean your browser’s cache and history

There is a possibility that the video processing system is having some issues with Google Drive videos, so if you can’t watch any videos hosted on Google Drive, it might be because the video processing system is down. Getting error messages like this requires cleaning your browser cache and browsing history.

The steps below will guide you through this process:

Go to the address bar and click the three dots icon.

Choose Settings from the menu.

To view advanced settings, scroll down.

You can clear browsing data by selecting Clear browsing data at the bottom of the page.

5. Press OK.

Connect to the Internet and verify that it is working

The best way to store files is via Google Drive. It allows you to upload anything from photos to documents, spreadsheets to presentations. However, before uploading any file, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Switching to another internet connection, verifying the internet connection, and turning off WiFi and Mobile Data are a few of the steps.

It is possible to bypass this problem entirely by streaming videos online, such as those from YouTube or Netflix, if you are experiencing problems downloading videos from Google Drive.

Sign out and sign back into your Google account

Your Google account settings can be found under the settings section.

You can remove your account by clicking the “Remove your account” button.

Your account should be logged out.

Your account can be accessed by logging in.

To upload to the cloud storage, use the link or file that you created.

The video should be played.

There will be a video player on your screen.

The tab/browser should be closed.

Reopen the same tab or browser.

It is possible to upload another file or link to Cloud Storage by trying another file or link.

The process should be repeated.

Make videos available offline

It may happen when downloading a video with mobile data or when you’re experiencing high traffic. Google Drive keeps showing error messages if the network or connection to the server isn’t working properly. By setting up your computer to work as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can download videos without waiting for them to finish.

If you have a local network, such as a router at home or a wireless printer, you can move the file to a different device. For example, uploading a video to YouTube and sending it via email can be done by using a third-party program. You can then view the file using any app you wish by selecting “Other.” Open the attachment on your phone and select “Open With.”

Share the link to download videos

If you want to share video files with others, you can do so by uploading them to Google Drive and then sharing those links. If you want to show someone a video, they can just click on the link and watch it. However, what if you want to download the video itself? Here are four ways to do that.

To download the video, click on the thumbnail and then click “Download”.

Select “Save Video As” from the menu that appears when you right-click on the thumbnail of the video.

In a different browser window, paste the URL you copied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose the system tells you your Google Drive video is still being processed. In that case, it means that the user tried to upload the video to Google Drive and that Google Drive needs to process the video for the user to play it on this device successfully.

It can take a few minutes to a few hours to process a video for previewing in Google Drive. In some cases, it may even take several days. How long it takes to process a video depends on the video resolution, format, file size, codec, the speed of the Google server, and the speed of the Internet in which the video is transcoded.

This error message means that we are processing the video and that this must be completed before we can post the video to social media. Sometimes this can take several minutes.

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