How to Resolve: Call of Duty (COD) WW2 Error Code 4220

  • Call of Duty (COD) WW2 error code 4220 is a common error that occurs in many conditions.
  • The error message usually occurs when the game cannot connect to online servers.
  • If for some reason you can’t log into your account, it may be due to connection issues.

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Is Cod Ww2 Still Active 2021

Reports from ModernWarzone report that the title of Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard was temporarily changed to Call of Duty 2021, a game that Sledgehammer Games is developing.

Cod Ww2 Status

Call of Duty® keert terug naar zijn historische roots met Call of Duty®: World War II, een nieuwe blockbuster van Sledgehammer Games. Beleef een onvergetelijk verhaal over een jonge soldaat die samen met zijn strijdmakkers de harde realiteit van oorlog aan den lijve ondervindt. Het avontuur brengt je langs de meest dramatische en beroemde momenten van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, van de stranden van Normandië tot het Hürtgenwald.

Playing CoD: WWII? You may encounter this error code 4220 that restricts you from playing CoD: WWII.

In case you encounter error code 4220, you may not be able to access Call of Duty World War 2.

Featuring an era directly influenced by World War 2, Call of Duty WW2 is the latest game from Sledgehammer Games that fans have been eagerly anticipating for years.

Error code 4220 typically occurs when Xbox Live service is down. However, it can also occur when a network has been slowed or configured improperly. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s a common error that occurs in many conditions. We will tell you about the causes and ways to fix them.

What causes the Call Of Duty (COD) WW2 4220 error code?

A player encounters an error code 4220 when they attempt to launch Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer mode. It is not uncommon for players to discover that the error can also be caused by the server, as opposed to the player’s device not connecting to the game’s servers due to internet issues.

The cause of this error message is usually with your console game rather than with the servers. Other possible causes include.

  • You should not be locked out of the multiplayer for more than an hour if the COD servers are down or scheduled for maintenance.
  • Below are a few solutions to help you resolve the error in your game.
  • The game cannot connect to online servers. This error message usually occurs when you do not have an active Internet connection.

In order for the solutions to work, your internet connection must be open and free of firewalls and proxy servers.

How to repair the Call of Duty (COD) WW2 error code 4220?

Updated: December 2023

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Call Of Duty Wwii Servers Down

As part of its maintenance schedule, Activision occasionally takes servers offline for maintenance, so Activision attributes this error code 103295 to a connectivity problem.

Check your network connection

Trying to reconnect to Xbox Live will help you check your console connection and see if you are able to play Call of Duty.

Do People Still Play Cod Ww2

Multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty: WWII is alive, but is it dying? It’s still possible to play Call of Duty non-crossplay now, but it is nearly impossible to play these days unless you have the most popular modes and maps, as non-crossplay versions have reached the point where co-op support isn’t really available.

You should use a wired connection on your PC, and log into your system account if you cannot. Connection problems may be to blame if you cannot log in.

Call Of Duty Ww2 Unable To Connect To Host

It’s a very basic game, so you’ll need to open up ports in your router to play it. You can find out which ports you need to portforward by searching for them on Google. If you do it correctly, your NAT will appear to be open.

Is Cod Ww2 Still Active 2022

Do multiplayer versions of Call of Duty still exist? Although Call of Duty multiplayer is alive, most titles lack any community support and do not even offer cross-play.

Are Cod Ww2 Servers Still Up

Please include connection type wired/wifi, NAT type and region in your reply if you encounter any issues. Also, please include ATVIassist’s email address in your response.

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam are all available:

  1. The login warnings on your system status page may be the reason why you are still unable to log in even after logging into your account.
  2. If you are having issues with your PS4 or Xbox One connection, you should troubleshoot it.


  1. Click Settings on the home screen of your PlayStation.
  2. Go to the Network tab.
  3. Test your Internet connection by clicking on Internet Connection Test.

Xbox One:

  1. Discs should be removed from Xboxes.
  2. Your Xbox One should be turned on now.
  3. To access Xbox Home, click here.
  4. Select Networking from Settings.
  5. Right-click on Test Network Connection on the page.
  6. Run the test.

Reboot your device

It may seem that this is the easiest solution to your problem, but it’s proven very effective for many people in the same situation. So it’s worth experimenting with this solution before you move onto more complicated technical ones.

If the error continues, try rebooting the device. If it still persists, move onto the next solution.

Reinstall the game

You may be able to fix your error code by uninstalling and reinstalling a game on your device.

  1. The Win key and the R key should be pressed simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. The Run program will be launched as a result.
  3. (Do not put quotes around appwiz.cpl).
  4. Keyboard Enter.
  5. Go to the search engine and type “Call of Duty”.
  6. Using the right-click menu, click “Uninstall” to uninstall the game.
  7. The game needs to be downloaded again from the same source from where it was originally purchased after being uninstalled.
  8. You might be able to resolve the error by restarting the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users who play Call of Duty World War 2 encounter error code 4220 when they cannot connect to the online multiplayer mode. This error usually means that the console cannot connect to the Internet, even if your Internet connection works and you can play other multiplayer games.

  1. Turn the game off, then turn it back on.
  2. Switch to windowed mode, then go back to full-screen mode.
  3. Update your device drivers.
  4. Reinstall the game.

At the bottom of the menu, select Settings, then All Settings. Select System, then Updates. The system will check for updates. Select Update Console when it is available.

Playing Call of Duty: WWII requires a constant and stable Internet connection. Wired connections maintain the minimum bandwidth required for online play, allowing your system to perform optimally.

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