How to Resolve Brave Browser Not Working on Windows 10

  • The Brave browser is not as widely used as global browser giants like Firefox and Chrome.
  • Many users prefer this browser to others because of the different and better data protection features it offers.
  • Some users only get a blank white page when they try to open the browser, while others don’t open it at all.
  • The reason for the problem with Brave Browser is that the browser’s cache and cookies are corrupt or out of date.

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Brave Settings Clearbrowserdata

In general, the Brave web browser works very well, though sometimes it falls short of expectations. Brave is based on Chrome, but it is built with user privacy in mind, and it is a popular privacy-centric browser alternative.

Brave Browser Down

You can browse anonymously in Brave Browser, because it has AdBlockers and Third-Party Tracking blocks which protect you from “fingerprinting”.

Gmail Web Page

There is no feature built into Google Chrome that opens email links in Gmail, but an official extension has been developed to accomplish this task. When you click a hyperlink to an email address on a page, Chrome automatically opens a new Gmail message. Besides adding a toolbar button, it also lets you add files and invites to the message when you share a Web page through email.

Load Gmail

To access Gmail, open your web browser and go to

Brave Installer

This web browser offers a secure, fast, and free alternative to other browsers, with AdBlock and Firewall + VPN. It has over 50 million users and has new features such as Night Mode, Brave Wallet, Brave Search, and Brave Search for Android and iOS.

It is still not perfect despite Chrome’s many fantastic features. The Google browser has been subject to privacy issues. And these days, there are a lot of browsers that are much lighter than Chrome. Now, Chrome isn’t as fast or as lightweight as it once was.

The key to a successful launch of Brave 1.0 is establishing trust in our anonymous ad attribution and conversion confirmation systems, and we’ll build this out in near-term milestones.

There are many users who prefer the Brave browser to others due to its unique data protection features that are better than those in other global browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Is Brave Down

We’ve been monitoring Brave outages since June 3, 2022. As seen on Brave’s Status Page, there has been a history of outages:


The “Site and shield settings” option can be unchecked in the “On exit” tab of brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

On my Windows 10 PC (Enterprise edition, 64-bit) I have just installed Brave (the maker of the JavaScript programming language) as my default web browser.

We selected the Google Chrome extension because it does what we need and is easy to use, but if those methods do not work for you, you can opt to use an extension.

It has been reported that users are having trouble starting the Brave browser after installing it on their computers. Those who try to launch the browser are only given a blank white screen, while others cannot launch it at all even after several attempts.

What is the reason why Brave Browser doesn’t work on Windows 10?

  • This problem arises from corrupt or out-of-date cookies and cache in Brave Browser.
  • Your computer’s antivirus/firewall may also interfere with this problem.
  • In addition to the above issue, some extensions within the browser, video card drivers, and Brave Browser itself may be to blame.

How to fix the fact that Brave Browser is not working on Windows 10?

Updated: February 2024

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You can clear your browsing history

  1. Navigate to Settings once Brave Browser has been launched.
  2. Choose Delete Browsing Data from the Security option.
  3. Then click Delete.
  4. By clicking Delete, you can remove the selected items.

Perform an SFC scan

  1. Open Command Prompt by right-clicking it and choosing “Run as administrator” from the menu on the Start button.
  2. SFC /scannow should be entered as follows:
  3. Your computer will need to be restarted after the scan is complete.

Reinstall Brave

  1. By opening the Start menu, you can access the control panel.
  2. Under Programs, click Uninstall.
  3. To uninstall Brave, double-click on it in the list.
  4. During the wizard, make sure you delete all browsing data.
  5. You can now download Brave’s latest installation file from the official website.
  6. If the problem persists, run the installer again to install the browser.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

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