How to Resolve: Boot Configuration Data File is Missing in Windows PC

  • This error occurs if the startup configuration or BCD file does not contain certain required information or is corrupted.
  • The relevant error codes might be 0xc0000034 or 0x0000098.
  • The error message usually tells you to use the recovery tools on your installation media, such as a DVD or USB drive, to repair and restore your Windows installation.
  • Using the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD and restart your computer.
  • When prompted to press the. key to boot from CD or DVD, press the key to. continue.

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  1. Download and install the software.
  2. It will scan your computer to find problems.
  3. The tool will then correct the issues that were discovered.

Unable To Update Boot Configuration Data

Enable Legacy support. Set the BIOS (CMOS) settings as follows. 4. Disable Secure Boot in the Security options. In BIOS Setup, set the Legacy Windows USB drive as the first boot device and save and exit. You can now continue to install Windows 10 using the Legacy USB drive.

Repair Bcd Windows 10

Here is a command for automatically repairing a BCD file:

Windows Booting Files

The .BOOT extension indicates that it’s an InstallShield file, a plain text file containing installation settings for installing programs using the InstallShield application.

Boot File Windows 10

You can download the Windows 10 ISO file by clicking the Download now button on the Windows 10 ISO download web page.

Windows uses Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file for boot-time configuration. This is a replacement of Windows XP’s boot[dot]ini file. If your Boot Configuration Data file has become corrupt or is missing, the Windows will not be able to start. You will be presented with missing boot configuration file errors such as Boot Configuration Data File is Missing. In most cases, the error is usually fixed using the Installation Media for your operating system. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one, search this site or ask in the comments below if you can’t find a guide or if you don’t know how to create one. Assuming that you have the installation media, proceed with the methods below.

It is quite obvious that in this era, data is very valuable to everyone. Such errors do stress you out a lot. Luckily, in this guide, you will have a facile solution to your situation. Plus, you will have a detailed note on this boot configuration data file missing error in windows 10. There is a list of solutions for this error mentioned in the guide. In the end, you will be given a method to avoid this error to show up again. In short, every question in your mind is answered in the guide, you just need to read the guide with concern.

There are different error codes associated with this error, including 0xc0000034 and 0x0000098. The startup configuration or BCD file may be missing certain information or corrupt.

Boot Files For Windows 10

Windows 10 system images can be downloaded as ISO files and created using Microsoft’s dedicated tool. 

A free application developed by the Canadian company Minitool, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from missing BCDs efficiently. As well as preserving the original state of the data, it is a read-only tool that doesn’t modify any data during recovery. 

The following steps will guide you through rebuilding the BCD in Windows 10.

Usually, the error message instructs you to repair and restore your Windows installation using your DVD or USB drive’s recovery tools.

What causes a “missing boot configuration file” error message?

How to solve the “Missing boot configuration file” problem?

Updated: April 2024

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Afbeelding 1 shows the error message “Windows Boot Configuration Data file missing required information” when Windows 8 or 10 is starting.

(In this example, we will fix the error code: 0xc0000034 by inserting the Windows bootable installation disk.)

Automatic boot/startup recovery

  1. The bootable installation DVD for Windows 10 must be inserted and the computer must be restarted.
  2. The key to boot from CD or DVD should be pressed whenever prompted.
  3. By clicking Restore Computer in the lower-left corner, you can restore the computer in the language settings you selected.
  4. To troubleshoot, click Troubleshooting at the bottom of the screen.
  5. The Troubleshooting screen will display a list of advanced options.
  6. Click Restore at boot time or Automatic recovery from the Advanced options menu.
  7. The Windows Auto/Boot Repair process should be completed in a few minutes.
  8. Your computer needs to be rebooted.

Create a BCD

  1. The following command should be typed at a command prompt:
  2. From the Windows partition, copy the BCDboot file to the motherboard.
  3. The problem should be resolved after a restart of the computer.

Set the partition you need as the active partition.

  1. Start the diskpart command by typing it at the command line
  2. Here are the commands you need to enter in diskpart: (be sure not to enter DISKPART)
    Select drive 1 by clicking DISKPART
    You can select partition 1 by selecting DISKPART
    Active DISKPART
  3. The method should work after a reboot.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Reboot from the recovery disk.
  2. Run "Auto Repair" at boot time.
  3. Try running the "bootrec" command at the command line.
  4. Reset the PC to factory settings.
  5. Replace the failed hard drive.

Sometimes the partition where Windows is installed is not active, which causes Windows not to boot and gives the error message "There is some required information missing in the boot configuration file". So if you activate the Windows partition, the problem will be solved.

Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is a firmware-independent database for boot configuration data. It is used by the new Microsoft Windows boot manager and replaces boot.ini used by NTLDR. During UEFI boot the file is located in the /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BCD directory on the EFI system partition.

  1. Run the Advanced Boot Options.
  2. Select Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options.
  3. Select the Command Prompt button to launch it.
  4. At the command line, type bootrec and press Enter: bootrec /rebuildbcd.

The Boot Configuration Data Store Could Not Be Opened

Before executing the bcdedit command, run the command prompt as administrator.

The Boot Configuration Data For Your Pc Is Missing

Your computer will start from the bootable Windows drive.

Add Installation To Boot List

In the same way that you rebuilt the BCD previously, rebuild it again.

We discussed four easy ways to fix “The boot configuration data file is missing on Windows 10”. It is possible to recover your data in this regard with the help of a reliable data recovery tool such as / easeUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is a lot more than just a tool. With it, you can recover any kind of data without experiencing any problems at all. So, download it today and check out what it has to offer!

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