How to Repair: Twitch Chat not Showing Up

  • Twitch chat not showing up is not a big problem, but it happens often and affects the quality of the viewing experience.
  • It can be caused by a third-party extension, a bad network connection, improper proxy configuration, and many other reasons.
  • Not all of the reasons listed below will apply to you.
  • Clearing your browser cache usually solves several problems, and changing your DNS is fairly easy.

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Your Twitch chat may not load up for several reasons, including third party extensions on your browser, cache settings in your browser, proxy settings, and so on. Twitch may encounter this problem when it cannot connect to the IRC channel as a result of some interference from another extension, weak internet connection, or, in some cases, proxy configuration restrictions.

You may not notice that Twitch chat does not load as often as you would like, but it still affects your watching experience when it does. Third-party extensions, low network connectivity, incorrect proxy settings and many more are some of the reasons why it happens. You will be able to learn more about the reasons behind such an issue and how to fix it easily by following the solutions provided below.

It is important that you are still subbed to a channel if your sub-emotes are not showing. To refresh the page, press “CTRL” and “F5” (“COMMAND” and “R” if you’re on a MAC) if you’re experiencing issues with sub emotes, Twitch global emotes, BTTV or FFZ emotes. Also, mobile devices do not support BTTV or FFZ emotes.

Twitch chat is very popular among gamers, and its chat option allows them to interact with others while watching their favorite games.

At the end of this post, you will find a VIDEO walkthrough that will help you solve the issue.

While Twitch chat not showing up is not a big problem, it happens often and affects the quality of the viewing experience. It can be caused by a third-party extension, a bad network connection, improper proxy configuration, and many other reasons. The following solutions will help you learn more about why this problem occurs and how it can be easily solved.

Why is Twitch chat not showing up?

In an effort to figure out what’s causing this problem, we’ve researched several user reviews. While not all of these factors will be relevant to you, probably one of these factors is to blame:

Browser extensions: Another cause of the problem could be third-party extensions you have installed on your browser, especially Adblock. These extensions usually prevent the execution of scripts that they recognize as ads, so some websites don’t work properly.

In some cases, a quick click of the F5 button will fix the issue, or perhaps you need to reset your modem if Twitch live or VOD chat won’t load. However, that’s not always enough — here’s a handy list of possible fixes. There are several causes of this, including Twitch chats that don’t load on the app, Twitch VODs, and Twitch live chat…

Failed to execute the page script: This is the first likely cause of this problem. Sometimes the scripts required to get an IRC session don’t run properly or are accidentally stopped. Updating the tab usually fixes the problem.

Proxy settings: Proxy configuration can cause different problems in different scenarios. In this case, the problem occurs when the remote host cannot be resolved due to various restrictions imposed by the proxy settings.

Browser cache: The browser cache stores the most frequently visited websites. However, a corrupted browser cache usually causes various problems when accessing different websites. Clearing the cache usually solves several problems.

The cause of this error message has now been established, so we can suggest a solution for it. Let’s move on from here.

How to troubleshoot the situation when Twitch chat isn’t showing up?

Updated: September 2023

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Clear your cache

The problem might be in your cache if Twitch chat won’t load on your computer. To fix it, you need to clear your cache. Follow these steps to clear your cache.

  1. Select Settings from the menu at the top right corner.
  2. The Advanced button is located at the bottom of the Settings tab.
  3. To clear browsing data, click the Clear button.
  4. You can now delete the cache by clicking Clear Data after setting it to All Time.
    If the Twitch chat problem persists after clearing the cache, try reinstalling the browser.

Using incognito mode

There are cases where extensions or caches may be causing problems with Twitch chat. Many users report that opening Twitch incognito mode fixes the problem.

By clicking on the gear icon located below your chat message input box, you can access your settings.

It’s useful for troubleshooting the Web in Incognito mode, because it doesn’t include any extensions or cache.

  1. On the upper right-hand corner, click the menu icon.
  2. You can open an incognito window by selecting it from the menu.
  3. Test the Twitch chat issue in the new window once it appears.
  4. Caches or extensions are likely to be the cause if it doesn’t.

Disable your proxy server

You can protect your online privacy by using a proxy server, but proxy settings can sometimes cause problems.

This problem can be solved by disabling the proxy server. Disabling the proxy is as easy as the following:

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings app quickly.
  2. The Network and Internet section can be found in the Settings app.
  3. On the left pane, select Proxy. On the right pane, uncheck all options.
  4. Ensure the problem persists after disabling your proxy server.

We recommend using a VPN if you’re concerned about your privacy, or disable the proxy if you’re having trouble connecting to Twitch chat.

Change your DNS

You can change your DNS easily by following these steps. Users often report that Twitch chat doesn’t work correctly due to DNS.

  1. Select your network connection from the menu by clicking the network icon in the taskbar.
  2. You can change adapter settings by clicking Change Adapter Settings on the right side.
  3. Select Properties from the menu when you right-click on the network connection on your computer.
  4. Click the Properties button next to the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  5. A new window will now appear. Click Use the following DNS server addresses. Enter the following values:
    It is recommended to use HTTP server as your DSN server
    Alternatively, you can use as your DNS server.
  6. Your changes will be saved when you click OK.

Check if the problem persists after making these changes. You may experience a bit higher latency if you aren’t based in the US, since you are using Google DNS.

Reboot your router

A problem with your router can cause problems with Twitch chat. If this is the case, you may need to reboot your router. Follow these steps to reboot your router:

  1. You will need to turn off both your modem and router if you have both.
  2. The router should be turned on again after a few minutes.
  3. During the first 30 to 60 seconds after the router is powered on, you should wait for it to fully boot up.
  4. If the problem persists after the router reboots, contact your ISP.

Several users have reported success with this quick fix. Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your Twitch chat doesn't load, there could be several reasons. It could be due to third-party extensions installed in your browser, browser cache, proxy settings, etc. In some cases, the problem may occur when you are trying to stream Twitch while connected to a restricted network.

You can solve this problem by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen, which, when you hover over it, says "Expand." The chat window will expand again.

If you click the radio button next to "Enable Chat," the chat module will appear on your channel page. If you click on the "Settings" link to the right of the "Moderators" field, you can add users who can act as chat moderators on your channel.

Could you please log out of the Streamlabs site using the drop-down menu in the top right corner and log back in to refresh the connections? Go to the chatbox widget settings on the site and click on "Run" to start the widget and check if it's working properly there.

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