How to Repair Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Problem

  • A large number of mods can increase the game’s instability and cause all sorts of issues, including the infinite loading screen.
  • Memory allocation problems occurring when loading the game or creating a new game.
  • These problems have been occurring since the game started, and there is a memory patch you can use to fix the problem.

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It seems that the Black Screen crashing issue with Skyrim Anniversary Edition has been affecting many players since its release. There are many reasons for Skyrim Anniversary Edition to crash, and if you’re using modded versions of Skyrim, here are some tips you can use to fix this.

The role-playing game Skyrim is well known among gamers, but many have experienced the “Skyrim infinite loading screen” error that makes the game unplayable.

Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen

If you want to begin playing Skyrim with a new save file, the infinite loading screen appears. The loading screen appears after you install a game or if you add mods and want to start a new game with them installed. It is the loading screen that you see before you enter the game. Some users experience this error randomly when switching locations or traveling fast.

Users have observed and reported that many have encountered the infinite loading screen in Skyrim when installing the game or adding new mods.

If this doesn’t work for you, try another solution given below.

The only thing you need to do is download one mod that can help you. There’s no need to use any mod, or use another mod.

If you’re wondering how to fight and fix the “infinite loading screen” error in Skyrim, here’s a blog to help you out.

What causes the “infinite loading screen” error in Skyrim?

  • When the game isn’t responding, Windows may report loading screen behavior.
  • Mods that are too numerous can cause game instability and infinite loading screens. Disable or sort them if you have a lot of mods.
  • This game has been exhibiting memory allocation problems since it began, but you can fix it with a memory patch.

How to resolve the “infinite loading screen” issue in Skyrim?

Updated: February 2024

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Skyrim Stuck On Loading Screen

In most cases, the most simple solutions are the best solutions. Simply restart your game will fix the loading screen. If you would like to try it all out, restart your computer as well. The Infinite Loading Screen bug in Skyrim can be fixed by using these simple yet effective methods.

We will start by starting a new game on Skyrim. 1. First, you need to go to the main menu of Skyrim. 2. Press Esc until you see the pause menu. 3. When you enter the pause menu, click load, and load the save game you wish to load. 5. Wait for the game to load your save game.

Reinstall Skyrim

Skyrim must be uninstalled and its folders deleted before it can be re-installed.

  1. Skyrim should be uninstalled.
  2. It is recommended that you delete the folder [username]DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim.
  3. Skyrim’s common folder is located in C: Program Files (x86) Steam.
  4. Your computer needs to be restarted.
  5. Skyrim should be reinstalled.
  6. The problem might be resolved if you restart the game.

Change memory allocation

Probably a lack of memory is responsible for the “Skyrim infinite loading screen” error. For this reason, the SafetyLoad configuration file can be adjusted so that the loading screen is loaded during the SafeLoad process. This application runs by default all the time, which can result in endless loading screens and crashes.

Check the Steam SKSE page to see if you have SKSE installed. If you don’t, go there to install it.

  1. Make sure “SkyrimdataSKSEPluginsSafetyLoad.ini” is open.
  2. Turn on EnableOnlyLoading.
  3. Ensure that the file has been saved and closed.
  4. Check if the infinite loading screen problem has been corrected in Skyrim.

Updating drivers

Updated drivers can improve the performance of games if you have faulty drivers. Faulty drivers can cause an infinite loading screen.

Skyrim sometimes doesn’t have infinite loading problems because of mods.

Third-party driver update software can update drivers for you without you having to spend time or patience updating them manually.

@Dom (and others) considering you are new to both skyrims, wacking mods on and then removing them is a no no.Best for you to restart the game from new, no continue, delete your saves.Use nexus mod manager to load modsUse LOOT to sort your load orderWyre bash to make a bash patchInstall SSEEdit for cleaning etc.Install SSE unofficial patch this is a must for the game.Once you have these installed and used LOOT to sort load order you should be able to play.Remember there are two main priorities here when using modsGame load order (where ESMs and ESPs are placed in the game)Mod load order (this is not the same as above but more do to with priority of mods when being installed). Some mods may require another to be loaded into game before that one will work. Reading modders description is very important.

The driver update program from a third party detects your system automatically and finds the correct drivers. By downloading and installing the right driver, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake during installation, and you don’t have to know precisely what operating system is installed on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since autosave is mainly responsible for long loading screens, the actual loading time can be greatly reduced. Go into the game settings and disable the autosave on the go option, and the loading time will be cut in half.

Sometimes the problem with Skyrim not loading is caused by missing or corrupted game files. If that's the case, you should use Steam's built-in tool to check the integrity of all the game's files.

Clear your system hard drive cache (in the save menu) as well as the game cache (hold down LB+RB+X after selecting "Play Skyrim" in the control panel and don't release until "Press Start" appears). Keep your supplies to a minimum.

  1. Uninstall Skyrim.
  2. Delete the [username]DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim folder.
  3. Delete folder C: Program Files (x86)Steam steam apps common Skyrim.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Reinstall Skyrim.
  6. Restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.

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