How to pair an Xbox Controller (Wireless) to your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad

  • If you have an Xbox controller that is wireless, you may be able to set this up to play games and destroy your enemies.
  • You need to put your controller in pairing mode to use the controller in Bluetooth device settings.
  • Your Xbox controller should now show up in the list of devices as ‘Xbox Wireless Controller’ (this may differ) Your controller should show up on AppleTV, iPhone and iPad and iPad as ‘Xbox Wireless controller’s’ on Bluetooth devices.

It is possible to set up an Xbox controller that is wireless so you can play the games and destroy your adversaries with the AppleTV, iPhone, or iPad without using the touch screen.

  • Your Bluetooth device’s settings can be found there.
    1. On AppleTV
      1. Set up your Bluetooth device in Settings -> Remotes > Bluetooth devices
    2. For iPads and iPhones
      1. The following are the settings for Bluetooth:
  • Putting your controller in pairing mode is as simple as turning it on and holding the ‘Connect’ button for three seconds.
  • Now you should see a device called ‘Xbox Wireless Controller’ in the list of devices (this may vary).

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Iphone

Let iOS scan for new devices once you are in the Bluetooth settings. Once it finds your Xbox Wireless Controller, you will see it listed under Other Devices. Once you tap on the controller name, iOS will automatically connect the device. Once your controller shows up under “Connected,” you can verify it has been paired.

How To Sync Xbox One Controllers

Sync them on the Xbox Controller by connecting the cable to the Xbox USB port, then pressing and holding the Xbox button on the controller. Afterwards, you can use the controller wirelessly by disconnecting the cable.

Xbox Controllers With Bluetooth

Connect it to your PC by going to your PC settings and clicking on devices, then Bluetooth settings. If it’s Bluetooth, you just need to follow the same procedure. To switch the pad on, press the Xbox logo blink by pressing the tiny sync button on the top. You should now be able to connect to your PC using the Bluetooth device.

Xbox Controller For Pc Connect

PCs and Xbox One controllers can be connected via a micro USB cable.

The Bluetooth controller will light up once it has been turned on once it has been charged or fresh batteries have been installed. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox console to turn on the controller.

You will find the power button on the right side of your Xbox One console when it is horizontally positioned.

In case you don’t mind a tether, you can use a wired Xbox One controller on PC. Connect the controller to your PC via a micro-USB cable. The Xbox Guide button will light up, Windows will install the driver, and you’re ready to go!

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