How to get rid of the high disk usage of SedLauncher

  • The Sedlauncher service and launcher are connected to the Windows Repair Service, which is responsible for installing Windows 10 update features.
  • If you want the latest security updates and want to take advantage of the extra features that a particular update brings, you should not stop that service and let it download and install the latest feature updates.
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There have been complaints that Windows 10 KB4023057 update patch caused their PCs to slow down. It is supposed to improve the performance of the operating system. However, in some cases, they bring issues that harm the user experience. Sedlauncher.exe reportedly occupies a considerable amount of disk space when it is installed.

Sedlauncher is a program that can often be seen in the Task Manager. What’s annoying is that this program also brings the problem of high Sedlauncher disk usage. In today’s article, Techquack will show you some of the best methods to solve this problem.

Overview of Sedlauncher.exe

The sedlauncher.exe program might be taking up a lot of disk space after the Windows 10 Update patch KB4023057 is installed on your PC.

As an example, the Sedlauncher.exe file that was updated as part of the Windows 10 patch KB4023057 has frequently caused issues with disk usage and other OS features.

It’s impossible to ignore that in C: Program Files there is a subfolder named REMPL that contains extraneous files such as waaSMedic.exe, sedsvc.exe, rempl.exe, and remsh.exe.

In order to solve this problem, you should immediately use the entire Windows 10 drive by running sedlauncher.exe in the task manager in order to perform tasks like watching videos and opening web pages.

What is Sedlauncher.exe exactly?

windows 10 update

When downloading and installing Windows Update features, users are often prompted to run the files “SedSvc.exe” and “SedLauncher.exe.” in the task manager.

Sedlauncher is a service and launcher that connects to the Windows Repair Service to install Windows 10 update features, which may include patches. The Sedlauncher service can usually be found under “Programs” in the “Rempel” folder.

Leaving this service and launcher will allow Windows updates to include the latest security patches.

It is possible to switch off Sedlauncher updates and new features.

Do you want it to be off?

Depending on the user’s needs, this question must be answered.

You should let that service or launcher download and install the latest feature updates if you want to take advantage of the latest security updates and additional features a particular update brings. You can, however, simply turn off the update if you do not want new security patches or features.

SedLauncher allows for high disk usage

high disk usage of SedLauncher

The “SedLauncher” and “SedSvc.exe” programs cause heavy disk usage in many users. If you download or install a major service/loader update, high disk usage may occur as well. It is only possible to solve the problem of high disk usage by stopping the service and processing or by waiting until it disappears automatically. The issue can also occur if there are maintenance issues during the procedure.

How to fix the high disk usage problem with Sedlauncher.exe on Windows 10.

Updated: April 2024

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How to solve Sedlauncher.exe high disk usage problem on Windows 10

It plays a key role in Windows 10 update since it is an integral part of update patch KB4023057. However, if you find that the KB4023057 components are trying to access the Internet, you should temporarily disable them if you find that they consume a lot of CPU.

It has already been mentioned that Sedlauncher.exe is part of the Windows recovery service. It is therefore essential to know how to disable the Windows recovery service if you want to lower Sedlauncher.exe CPU load. It is not difficult, because we’re going to take you through the process in this article.

The first method involves disabling Sedlauncher.exe through Task Manager

By terminating Sedlauncher.exe with Task Manager, you can disable its functionality.
Steps to follow:

  1. The Windows icon can be accessed by right-clicking it in the taskbar.
  2. The Task Manager can be found in the settings.
  3. The Windows Remediation Service can be found by scrolling down in the Task Manager.
  4. Select Stop Task from the right-click menu of the Windows Remediation Service.
  5. The changes will only take effect after a restart of your computer.

This means that program files like Sedlauncher.exe, Rempl.exe, Sedvc.exe, and WaaSMedic.exe will no longer work, leading to improved computer performance.

(From the utility) Use Method 2: Remove Sedlauncher.exe.

The following instructions will guide you through disabling Sedlauncher.exe with a Windows utility.

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows + R to bring up the “Run” dialog box.
  2. Start by entering “services.msc” (without quotation marks) into the “Run” dialog box.
  3. The window cleaning service can be found at the bottom of the utility window.
  4. Select Properties from the right-click menu.
  5. The General tab is now available.
  6. The Startup Type drop-down list should be selected and Disabled selected.
  7. You can stop the service by clicking the Stop button in the Service Status section.
  8. Make your changes and click OK.
  9. WaaSMedic.exe can also be used to solve high CPU load issues. It is as easy to disable the service as it is to disable Windows Cleanup.
  10. If you still experience problems with Sedlauncher.exe, reboot your computer.

Antivirus software can be used to block Sedlauncher.exe

KB4023057 patch includes Sedlauncher.exe, which plays a crucial role.
If you wish to prevent this program file from consuming excessive amounts of CPU, you must disable it after installing this patch. You can do this by using a firewall or antivirus program. Sedlauncher.exe is unable to start and overload your CPU since it cannot get through your firewall.

The fourth method is to restore the system.

You can restore Windows 10 to a functional and error-free version by using this feature.
You can use your previous restore point to fix the Sedlauncher.exe high disk usage problem. Don’t worry about losing files or personal data, as this method only affects system files. Steps to follow:

  1. If you are using a keyboard, press Windows + S.
  2. Search for ‘restore’ (without quotation marks).
  3. You can create a restore point by selecting “Create a restore point” in the results.
  4. Select “System Restore” from the menu.
  5. To begin, click “Next”.
  6. Select the recovery point timestamps that don’t show any problems.
  7. The system restoration process begins when you click Next.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hold down the Windows key, press R to open Run, type "taskmgr" and Enter to open the Task Manager.
  2. Scroll through the "Process" tab to find the Windows Remediation Service.
  3. Right-click on it and select the "End Task" option.

Anything that can't be stored in memory is loaded onto the hard drive. So, basically, Windows is using your hard drive as a temporary storage device. If you have a lot of data to write to your hard drive, your hard drive usage will skyrocket and your computer will slow down.

Even if your hard drive seems like a chronic failure, keep in mind that using 100% of your hard drive is not glorious. When your hard drive is running at or near 100%, your computer becomes slower, sluggish, and unresponsive. As a result, the PC cannot perform its tasks properly.

  1. Disable the SuperFetch service.
  2. Update the device drivers.
  3. Perform a disk check.
  4. Reset the virtual memory.
  5. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software.
  6. Repair your StorAHCI.sys driver.
  7. Switch to ChromeOS.

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