How to fix error 0xC0070652 when uninstalling applications

  • Windows 10 users are encountering error code 0xC0070652 when uninstalling applications.
  • This error code appears on the desktop when an application is removed from the PC.
  • It may disappear when you restart your computer, but this may be a temporary solution.
  • If you want a permanent solution, you can use one of the methods mentioned below.
  • You must go through each step very carefully before proceeding with the solution.
  • The most common cause is resolved after troubleshooting the Windows Installer service.
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Users have strongly criticized Windows 10 for a number of reasons. The system’s focus is on offering free installation and advertising, which has resulted in a number of bugs. Developers have been on their toes for quite a while due to the large number of problems reported by users. When an application is removed from the PC, Windows 10 users encounter the error code 0xC0070652.

A restart of the computer appears to solve this error. If you are looking for a permanent solution to error code 0xC0070652, use one of the methods mentioned below. This may disappear when your computer is restarted, but it can only be a temporary fix.


What causes 0xC0070652 error when uninstalling applications

What causes 0xC0070652 error when uninstalling applications

It appears that another installation process is in progress when I try to uninstall applications. I am running Windows 10 and would like to solve the error code 0xC0070652. This error is caused by my AVG Antivirus. I have rebooted and reinstalled the program without success. Are there any steps that I need to take?

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Belle Kara Hello,I cannot uninstall AVG Tune Up. It gives an error message:Uninstallation failed. Sorry we ran into a problem during initialization. 0XC0070652: General Error (0X0652)What is the problem and how can it be fixed? ThanksOctober 22, 2018 · Answer · Like0 · Follow0
Vishnu Vardan (Avast)Hi Bella,We will help you to uninstall your AVG PC TuneUp program.What is the version of AVG PC TuneUp program installed on your PC?AVG PC TuneUp > Help > About – to check the version of AVG PC TuneUpAlso share us the screenshot of the uninstallation error window to check and assist you further.October 22, 2018 · Like0 · Dislike0

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This script resolves many problems with Windows Installer, including error 0xC0070652. If the script applies, you can force the Windows Installer service to restart from the Services menu.

You should use the Task Manager to stop the “MSI server” during uninstallation if this error only occurs when uninstalling a specific application.

A simple PC reboot can often fix internal glitches that cause the system to crash. If the error persists even after performing any of the below workarounds, try these troubleshooting ways. If none of these workarounds work, make sure to restart your device first. 

When this occurs, we recommend rebooting your computer and checking that no third-party service interferes with the installation or uninstallation process.

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Laura Ewen I have the free AVG installed on my Windows 10 laptop.  The updates continually fail. The fix now and uninstall both fail. Uninstall error code 0xC0070652 does noe come up on the list of fixes as far as I can tell. What is my next step?November 27, 2015 · Answer · Like0 · Follow0
Kishore (Avast) Hello Laura,We apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow the instructions on the article to continue with the update of the AVG program. Please feel free to contact us back for further assistance.Thank you.November 27, 2015 · Like0 · Dislike0

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Typically, antivirus problems occur when files left over from previous installations are not removed. To fix the problem, run the virus removal tool to recreate the installation.


How to fix application removal error 0xC0070652

Updated: February 2024

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How to fix application removal error 0xC0070652

You can fix error code 0xC0070652 using several effective and useful techniques. The following techniques should be followed in order to fix this error:

Restart the Windows installation service

In case the problem persists despite restarting the computer, it is necessary to restart Windows Installer services. As a result of being in an intermediate state, the Windows Installer service cannot accept requests from the subdomain that requires the service under the operating system. Using these steps, you can quickly restart the Windows Installer service:

  1. A Run dialog box appears when you press Windows + R.
  2. Press ‘Enter’ to type ‘service. MSC’ in the available text box.
  3. The Windows Installer Service is listed on the right-hand pane of the Services screen.
  4. Use the context menu to run the ‘Windows Installer Service’ by right-clicking the icon and selecting ‘Run’.
  5. After uninstalling the program, you may need to repeat this process if the error persists. If this occurs again, proceed to the next procedure, which will find a more advanced solution.


Windows Installer service troubleshooting is usually the solution for the error code 0xC0070652.

The error can be fixed if the MSISERVER service is stopped. Here is how to stop it:

  1. To open the Task Manager, press the combination of Ctrl, Shift, Esc.
  2. You can see the details of your Task Manager tasks by clicking on the Services tab.
  3. Then find the entry for MSISERVER in the list of services.
  4. Select Stop from the context menu by right-clicking on the service.
  5. Prior to applying the final fix, you should disable msiexec.exe on your system if you have Google Backup / Sync installed.
  6. Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of what the problem is. If you still encounter error code 0xC0070652, follow the next step.

Antivirus Remover

It’s possible that the problem is related to your antivirus program if the error code 0xC0070652 has not disappeared from your screen, as well as the pop-up window saying another program has already been installed. You might be using an antivirus program, or you might have uninstalled it, but the program still left system files.

If you wish to remove corrupted or unnecessary system files from your PC, you may need an antivirus removal utility. Reimage Plus can be used.

Cleaning your PC can be done in the following ways:

  1. Using the right-click menu, select “Properties” for “This PC.”
  2. Click on “System.”.
  3. Choose a system type from the menu.
  4. The architecture of the operating system you are using is found in the system properties.
  5. The version of Reimage Plus you should download depends on the type of your system.
  6. The access control dialog box appears when you double-click the installer extension file.
  7. Restart the computer by clicking “Yes.”.
  8. Removing the remaining antivirus files is as simple as following the screen instructions.
  9. You can try restarting your computer and checking the problem afterward. If you still have a problem, you can try the following method.

Make a clean boot

The 0xC0070652 error code can be removed if your system files have been corrupted by a third-party conflict.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the ‘Windows’ key and R simultaneously.
  2. Then press “Enter”, and type “MSConfig” in the box.
  3. The System Configuration window will open as a result of this sequence.
  4. Click “Yes” to allow access to all controls.
  5. On the left-hand side, click Services.
  6. You can hide all Microsoft services by checking the box.
  7. You can now disable all by clicking “Disable All”.
  8. In the context menu of the “Start” tab, click “Task Manager”.
  9. Then click “Disable”.
  10. Prepare your device for final boot by stopping all active services.
  11. You can now reboot your computer after enabling all services.
  12. Take a look at your system to see if the error has disappeared.

Among the most common errors users encounter today are 0xC0070652. It is best to make a backup of your files as sometimes you might lose some system data. All of the above methods are very safe and tested. If you are in need of a reliable solution, you can try any of the above options.

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