How to Fix Error 0x87de2712 in Xbox One

  • Several situations can cause the 0x87de2712 Xbox one error.
  • The error code may occur after your console has failed to validate your purchase due to server-side issues.
  • An incorrect alternate MAC address can cause your console to stop communicating with the Xbox servers.
  • The Xbox Live server may be down due to scheduled maintenance or a hardware failure.
  • Microsoft will notify users on the Xbox Live status page of service interruptions.

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The Xbox Live server may be down, the alternate address is incorrect, or the firmware has a problem.

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0x87de2712 Xbox one error can occur due to compatibility problems or other reasons. Therefore, we will share some solutions in order to help you fix the problem.

What Causes Error 0x87de2712 in Xbox One

In order to find the solution to this problem, we reviewed various user reviews and tried several repair strategies that have been highly recommended by other users. This error 0x87de2712 can be caused by a number of factors. Here are a few possible culprits:

Firmware/software problem: In some cases, this problem can also occur due to a problem with a temporary file or firmware. In this case, you may be able to solve the problem by disconnecting the power.

As soon as I googled the error message, I found a few threads about other titles (FIFA, Lego Marvel Superheroes), as well as other posts about it on this subreddit. They appeared to suggest that it was when the content was unavailable from the store. When I tried accessing Far Cry 4 from the Xbox Store on my Xbox One, I got an error message:

We have listed a few workarounds for Xbox One error 0x87de2712 that can assist you in resolving this issue.

Incorrect alternate address: After analyzing dozens of user reports, we can confirm that this problem can also occur due to an incorrect alternate MAC address. This type of network mismatch can cause your console to stop communicating with the Xbox servers. To resolve this issue, you will need to go into your network settings and remove the alternate MAC address.

Xbox Live Server Problems: It appears that you may be experiencing this problem due to server-side issues that are beyond your control. The error code may occur after your console has failed to validate your purchase due to server issues. In this case, you may be able to bypass the validation attempt by going offline.

How to Solve Error 0x87de2712 in Xbox One

Updated: February 2024

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Remove the alternate MAC address

  1. Your controller needs to be set to Xbox mode.
  2. You can select All Settings from the Guide’s Settings menu.
  3. The Settings tab will appear.
  4. The Network Settings option can be found in the left pane of the screen.
  5. The Advanced Settings option can be found under the Network menu.
  6. To select alternate MAC address, navigate to it and click on it.
  7. Click on Alternate Line MAC Address to delete it from the menu.
  8. The changes will be applied when you click Restart.
  9. The Xbox One error 0x87de2712 should now be resolved after restarting.

Check the status of the Xbox Live server

  1. There can be errors if there is a problem with the Xbox Live server, especially if you are using digital media. This would be the case for people without discs or playing multiplayer games that require Internet access.
  2. Scheduled maintenance or a hardware failure may have caused the Xbox Live server to go down.
  3. Users will be notified of service interruptions via Xbox Live’s status page.
  4. To check if Xbox Live is down, visit the status page.
  5. Locate out of service and problematic apps under the Games and Apps section.
  6. The problem cannot be fixed until Microsoft solves it and changes the status when it is.

Performing a reboot

  1. Ten seconds of holding down the Power/Xbox button on the console will turn on the console.
  2. The front panel’s indicators should stop flashing when you release the button.
  3. During this time, turn off the console.
  4. The console’s power cord and all cables should be disconnected.
  5. If you need to reconnect other cables or the power cord after a few minutes, do so.
  6. By pressing the power button on the console, you can turn it on.
  7. The error should be fixed after restarting the game.

Changing the network mode

Check the Xbox Live status to see if your game has been served. If it has, try changing the network mode.

  1. Your controller will display the Guide menu when you press the Xbox button.
  2. Settings – System can be found in the menu.
  3. Then click Network in the Settings menu.
  4. You can open Network Settings by selecting it from the Network menu.
  5. To go offline, scroll down.
  6. You will be taken out of online mode by doing this.
  7. If you want the changes to take effect, restart your console.
  8. The error should be fixed after restarting the game.

Games are designed to run in offline mode, which suspends all processes that require Internet access so that you can play. Some games require you to have Internet access to complete the sync, but most games can be played in offline mode with no Internet connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To reset your console from the Xbox boot troubleshooter, select Reset this Xbox. When prompted, select Save Games and Apps. This option allows you to reset the operating system and delete any potentially corrupted data without deleting games and apps. If this works, you should be back at the home screen after resetting the console.

  1. Reboot your Xbox One.
  2. Turn off your Xbox One.
  3. Reboot your Xbox One.
  4. Check your network connection.
  5. Try the update offline.
  6. Free up space on your hard drive.
  7. Reset your Xbox One to factory defaults.
  8. Contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

  1. Insert the game disc.
  2. Erase the disc. Remove the disc with the game.
  3. Restart the console.
  4. Try a soft reset.
  5. Try a different disk or contact Microsoft support.

  1. Check the status of the basic Xbox Live services.
  2. Try restarting the affected application.
  3. Reset the Xbox One console and its cache settings.
  4. Reinstall the affected application to the external hard drive.
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