Here’s how: Delete multiple posts in Discord

  • There are two types of discordant messages: direct messages and channel messages.
  • When Discord was released, administrators could delete bulk messages in the application’s native interface.
  • This led to database problems with too many administrators deleting mass messages at the same time.
  • Even deleting a single message is not as quick as it used to be, as the user is asked to confirm after hitting the “Delete” button.
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It is very easy to use Discord to communicate with friends and build a close community, but it can be difficult to manage your own server.

An active Discord server has an annoying administrative headache when it comes to managing old messages, especially after negative or invalid posts are deleted.

Using a script is the easiest method of removing all Discord messages. If you prefer to delete manually, we’ve added instructions on how to do so. The table of contents button below lets you jump to the section that interests you. If you’re a server admin, you can use a Discord bot to delete messages.

Managing Discord can be challenging especially when it comes to messages. How do you mass delete Discord messages? Check out this post from MiniTool to get the answers you need.

You may have hundreds of messages in your Discord room. You may want to delete the inappropriate ones or clean up a little bit, but you need to know how to do this easily.

We’ll see how to get rid of all the delayed messages on Discord in this article.

Two different types of Discord SMS

Two different types of Discord SMS

In Discord, users can exchange direct messages with other users or channel messages with entire groups on a single channel.

Messages work differently and have their own rules. When Discord first launched, administrators could remove bulk messages using Discord’s native interface, causing database problems.

How To Delete Direct Messages On Discord

To access Discord, go to Chrome or Safari will work.

Discord’s native UI removed mass deletion. It is still possible to manually delete all messages, but it is less convenient now.

How do I delete multiple messages on Discord?

Updated: April 2024

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Your server will benefit from Mee6’s moderator options, including !Clear.

How do I delete multiple messages on Discord

Multiple messages cannot be deleted at the same time in Discord.

There are some workarounds you can use to allow you to delete multiple messages together, even when deleting a single message: First, we’ll show you how to delete a single message, but then we’ll show you how to delete multiple messages at once.

How to delete Discord’s messages en masse

A direct message is a private conversation between two users, whereas a channel message is a text discussion distributed to a group at a specific time.

Purge Bots Discord

In Discord, you can clone a channel and delete the original one, then delete all current messages in it. This is a simpler method to delete all messages in a channel.

These two types of discordant messages will be shown to you in the following section.

Deleting personal discord messages

The following steps will guide you through the process of deleting personal discordant messages:

Message the user by right-clicking on his or her name.

You can delete a chain of direct messages by hovering over the X icon in the direct message area on the left.

Here are some methods to remove some direct message conversations from the channel if you just want to hide them.

Deleting messages from conversations.

Manually delete dissenting messages.

You want to delete a message from a text channel. The first step is to open the text channel containing the message.

Click on the icon with three dots when hovering over the message. Select the “delete” option.

Click the Delete button at the bottom of the window when you are asked to confirm the deletion.

Deleted messages will be purged from your phone, but you cannot delete dissenting messages in bulk. Please use one of the following methods to delete large numbers of messages.

Use the MEE6 bot

If you want to know how to delete mass dissent messages, use MEE6, one of the most popular bots.

Messages can be deleted using MEE6 by following the steps below:

You can access the MEE6 website by logging in to Discord.

In the wake of Easter, we experienced a security breach. An administrator’s password was brute-forced, allowing attackers to gain administrative access. Members’ email addresses could be seen under these permissions, but their passwords or hashes could not. Spammed the forums, edited offensive posts, and changed a number of staff members’ emails and passwords, all of which were carried out by the attackers.

After clicking Add to Discord, click Authorize to allow the bot to start working on your server.

To proceed, select a server.

Delete messages requires certain permissions, which you must grant. Click Authorize to proceed.

The following commands can be used once MEE6 is installed to delete multiple messages:

1. Use the !clear @username command to remove the last 100 messages.
In order to delete the last 500 messages, please use !clear500. You are free to change the number to whatever you wish. It is recommended to delete no more than 1000 messages at once.

Using the AutoHotkey script

The AutoHotkey script is another option for mass deleting discordance messages. This script can be used to delete a number of messages at once. Here’s how to do it:

Your first step should be to download and install the AutoHotkey installer.

Creating a new script can be achieved by right-clicking on your Windows desktop and selecting New / AutoHotkey Script.

Select Edit Script from the menu when you right-click the script.

The final step involves deleting all text from the script and then copying and pasting the following text:


Loop, 100000

One of the methods listed above can be followed if you’re an administrator or owner of a server.

It’s easier to control Dynobot’s aspects with its intuitive web dashboard than many other bots. Dynobot is equipped with a user-defined moderation feature, anti-spam, auto-moderation, role management, and custom commands out of the box. A Music bot is included in Dynobot, which adds another edge for background music.

We will in this step use the MEE6 Bot to automatically delete messages for us. To do that, we must be the moderator of the channel or server.


send, {Up}

send, ^a

send, {BS}

send, {Enter}

send, {Enter}

sleep, 100



Double-click the script after you have written it in Discord.

By pressing T on your keyboard, you will automatically delete all messages within the chat you want to delete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open the Discord app and sign in if necessary.
  2. Find the message you want to delete.
  3. Tap and hold the message.
  4. Select "Delete." Tap "Delete." Devon Delfino / Business Insider.
  5. Tap "Delete" again to confirm your decision.

  1. Open the text channel with the message you want to delete.
  2. Hover your cursor over the message until a three-pointed icon appears in the far right corner. Click on the icon and select Delete from the menu.
  3. A window opens asking you to confirm your selection.

The Delete Message option is the same as the Infinite option; it deletes the message for you and all recipients.

If you delete your account, ALL messages sent to ALL servers must be deleted. Your messages will still be visible, but your user will appear as a "deleted user" and will have a default profile image.

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