Fixed Windows 10 backup error code: 0x81000019

  • Error code: 0x81000019 indicates that a fictitious copy cannot be created in Windows 10.
  • The error message may look like this: “The specified object was not found.
  • Please check the application event logs `VSS` and `SPP` for more information” If you have encountered this problem, you can read this post from Techquack to solve this problem.
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When trying to take a backup of Windows 10, users have encountered the 0x81000019 error code. The error message ‘A shadow copy could not be created’ appears after a few minutes of processing. As it turns out, the problem seems to be exclusive to Windows 10. This error is often associated with the VSS and SPP event logs.

Have you encountered a backup error 0x81000019? The error message indicates that a fictitious copy cannot be created. If you have encountered this problem, you can read this post from Techquack to solve this problem.


What is the error code: 0x81000019

What is the error code: 0x81000019

You may receive an error message when trying to create a backup of Windows 10. It reads, “The ghost copy cannot be created. For more information, see the event logs for VSS and SPP.” Sometimes, this message appears this way: “The specified object could not be found. Error code: 0x81000019”.

What is VSS?

A shadow copy could not be created when you attempted to back up Windows 10. The error message sometimes reads “The specified object was not found. Error code: 0x81000019.” It may also read “A shadow copy could not be created. Please check the VSS and SPP application event logs for more information.”

In Windows computers, VSS creates backups of files and drivers using a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). A backup copy can then be restored from a local or external hard drive. As a result, VSS will only work if you use NTFS, and the backup process associated with VSS will fail if you stop the service.

What is SPP?

This software is called Software Protection Service and is capable of downloading, installing, and applying digital licenses for Windows and Windows applications. Windows applications can use it by downloading sppsvc.exe, which is an executable file.


What is the cause of Windows backup error 0x81000019?

What is the cause of Windows backup error 0x81000019?

Several user reports led us to investigate this particular issue, and we used recovery strategies that other affected users had successfully used to resolve it. This problem can be caused by a variety of scenarios. Here are a few possible culprits:

Insufficient space in the system partition: This problem can often occur due to insufficient space in the system partition. Windows backups do a lot of data sharing with the system partition when backing up, which contributes to this error when there is not enough space. In this case, the problem can be solved by increasing the size of the reserved system partition.

Volume Shadow Copy Service set to manual mode: Another possible culprit that can cause this behavior is an incorrect instance of Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS service). If the service is set to manual, this can affect the backup operation. If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by changing the service status to Automatic.

Interference from third-party antivirus software: An overprotected AV Suite can also be responsible for the error code 0x81000019. In most cases, Avast, Comodo, and McAfee are to blame. In this case, you can solve the problem by disabling real-time protection or uninstalling the entire security suite.

Corruption of system files: In rare cases, this problem can occur due to corruption of system files that somehow affects the backup component. If this scenario applies, the problem can be solved either by running multiple utilities (DISM and SFC) or rebooting each operating system component through a clean install or repair (in situ update).

It may have occurred after a system or domain user changed their password after trying to start the Backup Agent service.

You will be able to permanently resolve error code 0x81000019 by taking the steps below. Each of these solutions has been tested and verified by at least one individual who has also experienced the problem.

The instructions below should be followed in the order that we have classified them (by efficiency and severity), if you want to be as efficient as possible. It is likely that, no matter the cause of the problem, you will find a solution in the end.


How to fix error 0x81000019 in Windows 10?

Updated: February 2024

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How to fix error 0x81000019 in Windows 10?

Check the software protection and ISS services

The first step is to check if Volume Shadow Copy and Software Protection are functioning correctly.

  1. Choose Run from the right-click menu when you are on the Start screen.
  2. The Run Accessory text box should be filled in with services.msc. Click OK to start the service.
  3. The screenshot below shows what happens when you double-click Volume Shadow Copy.
  4. You can enable VSS by selecting an autorun type.
  5. You can start the process by clicking Start in the properties window.
  6. Then click OK after selecting the Apply option.
  7. To open Software Protection, double-click on it.
  8. The service can be restarted if it has been interrupted.
  9. To exit, click OK.

Free up disk space

When you backup Windows 10, you may receive the error code 0x81000019 when you do not have enough space on the destination or source drive. For this reason, you should make sure you have enough space on the source and destination drives.

In addition, your hard drive should have enough space left on it (about 40%).

One method to free up space is to delete unneeded software. Software takes up the most space, so it is a good idea to delete it.

With system maintenance programs, you can also delete unnecessary files to free up space.

Expand your reserved system partition

The 0x81000019 error may require you to increase the reserved system partition space beyond 500 megabytes. Third-party software can help you do this.

Deleting system restore points

In cases where the error message The specified object was not found is displayed, there is a possibility that 0x81000019 is caused by outdated system restore points.

  1. Open Run in order to resolve this issue.
  2. Then click OK to open Control Panel.
  3. Click System and Security from the menu below.
  4. You can find System and Security under the System tab.
  5. Open the System Protection window by clicking System Protection on the left side.
  6. On the next screen, click “Configure.”.
  7. On the bottom, click on “Uninstall.”.

Deactivating or uninstalling third-party antivirus software

You can disable third-party antivirus software from the context menu of the system tray by right-clicking the icon.

If you are experiencing error 0x81000019, you may need to remove all third-party antivirus software before restarting Windows. You may need to remove every third-party antivirus program on your computer before restarting.

Using sfc / scan now with error 0x81000019 might resolve the problem for some users, but not for all.

A Windows repair center may be the last resort.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Delete your WindowsImageBackup folder.
  2. Format the external hard drive.
  3. Use the third-party backup tool.
  4. Delete the EFI system partition and the recovery partition.
  5. Enable system protection.
  6. Disable system protection and remove restore points.
  7. Change the hard disk space allocation.

  1. Reboot the computer. The first solution is the easiest and most obvious: reboot your computer.
  2. Run SFC and CHKDSK. SFC and CHKDSK are Windows system utilities that can be used to repair a corrupted file system.
  3. Windows 10 Update.

For more information, see the event logs for the "VSS" and "SPP" applications. The VSS volume shadowing service is used to back up volumes while applications continue to write to your volumes. Built-in Windows backup tools rely on Volume Shadow Copy to back up images and restore points.

To back up your files using an external hard drive, you usually connect the drive to your computer or laptop with a USB cable. Once connected, you can select individual files or folders to copy to the external hard drive. If you lose a file or folder, you can retrieve copies from the external hard drive.

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