Fixed Adventure Sync not Working in Pokemon GO

  • Pokemon Go has launched a new feature called Adventure Sync, which allows you to track the distance you travel without opening the game’s app.
  • Adventure Sync provides a weekly summary in which you can see the progress of your hatchery and candy, as well as important activity statistics.
  • But some players have noticed that the new feature isn’t working on their device.

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When you cross 50km, you will not receive any rewards. However, if you exceed 50km, you won’t be awarded any rewards. However, you have to always have your device with you so you can track your GPS. The funny part is that when you move too fast (driving, running, traveling, etc.), your movement will not be tracked.

The Adventure Sync feature has many benefits. The app would have to be open for users to track their location and steps before it was added. However, as soon as the Adventure Sync feature is enabled, the app will automatically count all activities if the player is carrying their device.

It’s the most significant update the game has ever had since players have been requesting it since the game first launched over a year ago.

The following are some issues that may occur with Adventure Sync not working:

It also provides you with important activity statistics and hatchery progress reports.

Pokémon Go Not Tracking Steps

A slow or unstable internet connection can cause Pokemon Go eggs not to progress or track, and the same is true for Pokémon Go eggs not progressing or not tracking.

A couple minutes ago, my adventure sync stopped working. I had already refreshed the data and cleared the cache a couple of times. That didn’t work, so I had to reinstall the game. That didn’t work, so I had to revoke my pokemon go rights on my Google Fit account and grant those rights again. That didn’t work either.

But some players have noticed that the new feature isn’t working. So, here’s our guide on how to get Adventure Sync working on your device. In the next article, we’ll look at what to do if Adventure Sync doesn’t work in Pokemon Go.

What is the reason Adventure Sync doesn’t work in Pokemon Go

What is the reason Adventure Sync doesn't work in Pokemon Go

  • If your Pokemon Go app is outdated, or if you’re using a battery charger or optimizer, Adventure Sync may not work. If your time zone on your device is manually set, it may not work, too.
  • A low-current mode can also prevent Adventure Sync from displaying activity data, especially if Pokemon Go permissions, including location and storage, are not granted.
  • In the case that you travel to other time zones while using a manual time zone on your phone, syncing with Adventure Sync may be difficult. In this case, change your phone’s clock setting to “Automatic” to automatically sync.
  • This is because low precision location is not recorded in Adventure Sync. To resolve this, switch the location mode from low accuracy to high accuracy. We will use Android as an example.
  • The adventure sync issue we discussed can also be caused by communication problems between Pokemon Go and Google Fit. It is also possible that you are using different accounts for Pokemon Go and Google Fit. If so, you will need to eliminate pairing and then re-pair them. Before proceeding, make sure that your Internet connection is working.

To resolve the problem Adventure Sync is not working on Pokemon GO

Updated: April 2024

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If you need help with your Pokemon Go app data, we have a few articles that may help:

Some players in Adventure Sync do not have their fitness data collected. We’ve researched why this issue occurs, and we’re working to rectify it.

Niantic keeps insisting it is an adventure sync issue; however, I’m having the same issue. They kept urging me to wait for the next update to the app, and I provided screenshots showing the weekly distance is registered, but the egg and the buddy have not been registered… to no avail.

To resolve the problem Adventure Sync is not working on Pokemon GO

Make sure that the Adventure Sync option is enabled in Pokemon Go

  1. Make sure your smartphone is up to date with Pokemon Go.
  2. The Pokeball icon can be clicked.
  3. The Adventure Sync button can be found in Settings.
  4. Upon receiving a confirmation message, click Enable.
  5. After enabling Adventure Sync, you should receive a message.

Make sure Adventure Sync has all the necessary permissions

  1. The Adventure Sync feature must be enabled in iOS health and sources.
  2. Make sure that fitness tracking is enabled under Settings – Privacy – Exercise and Fitness.
  3. Allow memory and space access for Android by installing Google Fit.
  4. Your Google Fit data will be retrieved by Pokemon Go after you allow it to do so.

For Android users, battery saving mode is enabled

  1. If your Pokemon Go settings allow you to turn off the screen saver, it will work with this fix. Adventure Sync is only available for Android devices.
  2. Playing Pokemon Go should be possible again if you follow these steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On your Android device, make sure you have Google Fit* installed on your device. Then in Pokémon GO, go to Settings -> Adventure Sync -> Enable! -> Allow Pokémon GO to access your Google Fit data through your Google account.

For Android: Go to Pokémon GO app permissions under Settings > Apps and Notifications > Pokémon GO > Permissions and make sure Location is enabled.

  1. Click the main menu button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap Adventure Sync. You'll also be prompted to give Pokémon GO permission to access your Apple Health or Google Fit data.

Make sure the game is turned off. And that Adventure Sync is turned on (by default, it's turned off when you switch accounts and make updates). If it's still not registered, sometimes you can go into the tracking app (Google Fit) and turn on the "Track My Workouts" option so it registers steps.

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