Fix VPN error 721: Remote computer does not respond

  • VPN error 721 is a Microsoft error that occurs after a failed attempt to establish a VPN connection to a corporate network using a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) client.
  • This error can occur if the network firewall does not allow Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol (GRE) traffic.
  • To fix the error, uninstall the software and drivers you just added and reboot the PC.
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Using Windows 10 News, you can discuss and support VPN Error 721: Remote computer is not responding to your requests; [ATTACH] [ATTACH] VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic, so that no one can see what you’re doing.
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Although the Connection Manager package has been installed successfully on the client PC, when I attempt to connect I receive Error 720 – which indicates that a connection to the remote computer was unable to be established. This connection may be affected by network configuration. If you need more assistance, click More Info or search for the error number in the Help and Support Center. Click Help for customized troubleshooting information for this connection.

This Techquack article provides a solution to the VPN error 721 that occurs when you try to establish a VPN connection through your Windows Server-based remote access server.

My customer wants to enable the Client VPN feature for a MX Device behind a NAT Router, so we are testing the Meraki Cloud Authentication feature for him. However, we have configured the NAT Router to forward UDP500 and UDP4500 ports to the MX device, even though we cannot configure it in Bridge mode.

My work computer (Windows XP Professional edition) keeps giving me the error 721 when it attempts to verify my username and password when I am trying to connect my home computer. According to the logs at work, there is no evidence I attempted to connect. (So I don’t think my login info is the problem) It times out and then gives me the error.

In the case of a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) client connecting to a corporate network, you may receive an error message stating that the connection to the remote access server is not successful:

There is no response from the remote computer: Error 721.

Error 721 is a Microsoft error which is encountered after making an unsuccessful attempt to establish a virtual private network (VPN) connection to a corporate network by using a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) client. You may even get an error 721 after making an unsuccessful attempt to establish a dial-up connection after upgrading your computer to Microsoft Windows XP from earlier versions. The exact error 721 description may vary from ‘Remote PPP peer is not responding’ to ‘the remote computer is not responding’.

Note: The description of VPN error 721 may vary.

If you try to establish a VPN connection via a Windows Server-based remote access server, you may receive an Error 721 message.


What causes VPN error 721

What causes VPN error 721

This VPN error code occurs when a VPN session is suddenly disconnected or a new connection attempts are attempted. Make sure you only have one VPN client running on the computer at a time to resolve the issue. To find out if your firewalls or antivirus program is blocking this VPN error code, disable them temporarily. If that doesn’t fix it, try rebooting the client or reinstalling it. This is an intermittent error code.

If you use a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) client to establish a VPN connection to a corporate network, but do not succeed, the VPN 721 error appears. After upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Windows to Microsoft Windows XP, this error sometimes occurs when you attempt to establish a dial-up connection but fail.

Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol (GRE), an IP 47 protocol, is used to tunnel data through PPTP. If the network firewall prevents GRE traffic, then PPTP will fail.

Using a Sitecom dc-202 router and a broadband modem, I connect my home computer to the internet with Windows XP. I have set up a static IP address on the computer and have configured it to host a VPN. My router forwards PPTP traffic to the computer, and I have created a dynamic DNS account with

Due to the possibility of several causes, the troubleshooting steps may vary depending upon the error 609 that has occurred. 

Tunnel data for point-to-point tunneling is encapsulated in Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE). GRE can be used in conjunction with point-to-point tunneling to create virtual private networks between servers and clients or between clients by causing a VPN 721 error. GRE is used with point-to-point tunneling to create virtual private networks.

I am running RAS on SBS with a netgear router. I have forwarded
the 1723 port on the router to the SBS. My Vista system connects well
from home and I can access all the shares. My XP system is not able to
establish the vpn connection (using a different ISP and a different
username on the SBS). It get to verifying the username and then it
sits there for a minute and comes up with an error ” disconnected
Error 721:Remote computer did not respond. For further
assistance.. ….. ” and then it redials the VPN connection. No events
are logged on the server or the XP system.
I am able to connect a local XP system using vpn and other XP
systems outside the network are able to establish a vpn connection. So
I can conclude that the RAS settings on the SBS and the ports on the
router are not a problem. Can someone help me find a resolution to
connect the XP to SBS.


To fix VPN error 721

Updated: March 2024

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Encapsulation Vpn

It is necessary to encapsulate the packet first on a client-side VPN software-enabled computer. Encapsulation is essentially the process of wrapping the original packet inside a packet that is created by the client-side VPN software. A VPN client encrypted everything in the original packet, so the VPN server is the only one who can read it. The packet will still be routed as usual and is the IP address of the VPN server

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To fix VPN error 721

Use a third-party repair tool

In addition to fixing registry errors, system files, driver problems, and other problems found on your PC, a third-party repair utility can scan your entire system for errors and then fix them.

In order to repair damage caused by a virus or malware attack, you should use this tool after your PC has been recovered from a virus infection.

Remove recently added software and drivers.

The problem occurs when other programs or drivers use the port that is required to connect. To fix it, uninstall the programs or drivers you just installed and restart your computer.

Removing additional devices

To restore your Internet connection, remove any additional USB devices located on the same port, including Bluetooth, wireless keyboards and mice, printers, and game consoles.

Temporarily disable the firewall

When you connect to the Internet using your computer, you should temporarily disable a firewall (either Windows’ or third-party’s) if you use one.

Recover registry file

You may need to restore or repair the registry file if it contains an invalid entry or a corrupted registry file. A third-party registry recovery program may help you fix the problem.

Delete the modem configuration file and driver

Install the latest and most recent modem driver as well as uninstall the previous modem configuration file by going to Control Panel – Uninstall Program.

Update the Windows operating system and the installed driver

In order to fix a lot of problems and speed up Windows, the installed driver must be updated, as well as the operating system.

Make sure that you have the correct recommendations

The ISP account may expire without you knowing, so check that you have the correct credentials.

Check your cables, modem, and other hardware devices

The Internet cannot be accessed if you do not have the correct hardware configuration. Check your cable connection to your PC, modem status, and other hardware devices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click the Start button, type Firewall, and select Firewall and Network Security.
  2. Click the Advanced Settings button.
  3. Click Yes when prompted for User Account Control (UAC).
  4. Select Entry Rules.
  5. Open the Action menu and select New Rule.
  6. Set the rule type to Port.

A virtual private network (VPN) establishes secure connections, called VPN tunnels, between a local client and a remote server, usually over the Internet. When the VPN connection fails, the client program reports an error, usually containing a code number.

The connection to the remote computer could not be established. You may need to change the network settings for this connection.

  1. Use a VPN PIA.
  2. Change the date and time on your system.
  3. Manually set up the VPN connection.
  4. Exclude the VPN in your antivirus settings.
  5. Activate the VPN software in the Windows firewall.
  6. Clear the DNS/sterilizer cache.
  7. Reinstall the VPN client.
  8. Activate the rule for PPTP.

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