Fix Facebook pictures that aren’t loading

  • Facebook images don’t load when we use Facebook in a browser.
  • This problem is known as the problem of Facebook images not loading.
  • Sometimes only some images will stop loading, and sometimes not all images will load.
  • This can happen with any image on Facebook, even yours.
  • The problem occurs for a variety of reasons, most of which are related to your computer’s network.
  • If you have a bad Internet connection on your computer, the images will remain in an endless download sequence.
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The problem of not being able to upload your Facebook images shouldn’t worry you! You aren’t the only Facebook user experiencing this issue. And most importantly, this issue can be resolved.


Images on Facebook are refusing to load for people all over the world. The problem is occurring either on Android devices or web browsers. While Facebook has not released an official statement regarding the issue, we found several reasons for it. The purpose of this article is to explain all of the reasons why this issue occurs and how it can be fixed.

It is estimated that Facebook users upload millions of images per day. Thousands of them flow through their timelines and are viewed. However, we sometimes encounter images that do not load when we use Facebook in a browser. Facebook images not loading is a common problem experienced by many regular Facebook users when they use Facebook in their browsers. It can also occur on smartphones.

As a result of looking at several user cases and conducting some research on our own, we concluded the issue was caused by a variety of different factors, the majority of which were connected to your computer’s network. It is possible for Facebook to not load images for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

The following post is written especially for you if you are experiencing the same problem and would like help solving it.

A Facebook account is the world’s largest social media site. If you’re a regular Facebook user, you view a lot of photos. It is the second largest image sharing network, only surpassed by Instagram. The vast sea of images on Facebook is also made up of images you contribute to.

You will sometimes see a blank screen, a black screen, or interrupted images instead of the actual image on Facebook when the images aren’t loading correctly. There are times when only some images fail to load, while other times all images fail to load. Any image on Facebook, even your own, can experience this.

Why isn’t Facebook loading images?

Why isn't Facebook loading images?

Having analyzed several user cases, we have come to the conclusion that the problem generally occurs because of problems with your computer’s network.
It is for a variety of reasons that Facebook does not allow images to be uploaded:

Bad DNS: DNS servers play a central role in resolving hostnames from various requests.
In some cases, Facebook may also stop working if your DNS isn’t working.

You can avoid Facebook showing ads based on any activity you do on other sites by disabling the Data about your activity from partners slider.

Poor Internet connection: This reason needs no explanation. If you have a bad Internet connection on your computer, the images will remain in an endless download sequence.

Loading Picture

If you attempt to upload an image that is larger than 15 megabytes to Facebook’s Flash Uploader, you may receive an error message. This is because the uploader has problems processing images that large . Additionally, if you are uploading an image as a profile picture, you will receive an error message if the image exceeds four megabytes in size. Facebook places this restriction on profile images because they must all be the same width and length in pixels, and images larger than four megabytes would almost always exceed this size.

Network cache: Like all other modules on other devices, your network cache also plays an important role in the execution of all network applications. If your network cache is corrupted in any way or contains bad data, it may conflict with the Facebook data that has just arrived and the images will not load.

Hosts file: The Hosts file is responsible for managing the local hosts on your computer. If your Hosts file does not contain the correct entries for Facebook, images will not download indefinitely.

Free Facebook: On some networks, Facebook is free without using your data plan, as long as you do not upload images. If free mode is activated, images will not download.

Disabled images: Some browsers, such as Firefox, have the ability to block incoming images if a certain property is enabled. Here we can check the properties and make sure nothing like this is activated.

Flash Player: Although Facebook does not always use Flash Player for its operations, this may happen in some cases. Installing and activating the Flash Player may help.

Ad Blocker: Adblockers work tirelessly in your browser to make sure that all ads are blocked. However, in some cases, the app blocks images belonging to Facebook in the process. Disabling the adblocker can help.

Facebook Profile Pictures Blank

Blank Facebook profiles can be caused by five main reasons:

Server failure: On rare occasions, Facebook’s own service goes down, either due to unexpected server problems or due to maintenance. You can check the status of the servers here to confirm this.

Make sure you don’t have admin privileges on your computer before running solutions, and please save all your work. In addition, you need to know your username and password.

Fix the problem with Facebook photos not loading.

Updated: December 2023

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Fix the problem with Facebook photos not loading.

Check the status of Facebook servers

Despite Facebook’s best server, sometimes it goes down. When a server goes down, it can cause a site to crash. Check the status of Facebook’s server. In the case of a working server, this page will state, “The Facebook platform is healthy.” In the case of a failed server, it will explain the issue and indicate what the reason was.

You can check the speed of your Internet connection

These speed-testing tools can help you determine how quickly your Internet connection is. However, many websites are affected by slow Internet connections, and a slower connection may affect the speed of some pages, including images and videos.

Windows 10 offers tools to help you fix slow internet speeds if you use these diagnostics.

You can check to see if images have been disabled in your browser.

Before proceeding, ensure that images have not been disabled in your browser. This will prevent images from loading on a website when images are disabled.

How to fix a bad DNS server

In order to solve the problem, you have to fix the DNS server address. Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  1. To open the Control Panel window, press Win+R, type Control Panel, and then press Enter.
  2. The Network and Sharing Center can be found under Network and Internet.
  3. For WiFi Status, click your WiFi network’s name.
  4. You will be asked to grant administrators’ privileges when you select Properties. Click Yes when prompted.
  5. In order to view the properties of Internet Protocol version 4, you need to double-click it.
  6. The following DNS server addresses should be used by dragging the radio button and selecting the following values:
  7. You should use as your DNS server
  8. Alternatively, you can use as your DNS server
  9. Your settings will be saved when you click OK.

The following tip can be used

It is possible for your network configuration to be corrupt and prevent you from accessing certain websites. The following commands can help you resolve this issue.

The DNS cache can be cleared by entering these commands in sequence and pressing Enter after each command in the Windows search bar:

  • Release IP configuration
  • The command ipconfig/refresh is used
  • IP Configuration / DNS Flushing

If you have run these commands, reboot your computer.

Troubleshooting the Start Network Adapter

In order to troubleshoot your network adapter, follow these steps: Start by running Network Adapter Troubleshooter on your computer.

  • Select Settings > Updates and Security > Troubleshooting from the Start menu.
  • From the list, select the Network Adapter Troubleshooter and run it.
  • It is up to the troubleshooter to determine whether the problem can be fixed, reported, or ignored.
  • Check to see whether Facebook images are appearing after rebooting the system.

Deactivate the VPN software

Try disabling your VPN software.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook does not display any photos. The main reason why the site does not load images is a slow Internet connection. However, other reasons such as bad DNS servers, VPN, network cache problems, etc. can also cause this problem.

You can try updating your internet browser with the latest version. If that doesn't work, please use the "Report a Problem" link in your account to let us know what you see when you try to play a game that won't load.

Due to a low version and bug, the Facebook Messenger app is sometimes unable to retrieve photos or videos. You can update or reinstall the app to try to fix the problem.

If you are having problems displaying Facebook in your web browser, you may be having problems with your cache or temporary data.

  1. You can try clearing your cache and temporary data.
  2. If that doesn't solve your problem, it might be because you are using third-party browser extensions.

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