AtkexComSvc process: should I disable it?

  • AtkexComsvc is designed to run automatically when you start your computer.
  • It uses a lot of CPU resources to perform its task, and as a result, you will experience a lack of speed.
  • The process can also cause some of the most common Windows errors, such as corrupted files.
  • It is recommended to disable or even uninstall the utility and its related components.
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There are many processes on your computer and the atkexComsvc process is also one of them. What is atkexcomsvc.exe? Is it important for your computer? Why would you want to disable it, as many other users do? Can you do it safely? Here, Techquack will show you the answers.

What is atkexComsvc.exe?

What is atkexComsvc.exe

During the ATKexComsvc process, your ASUS PC keeps its BIOS and device drivers up-to-date by using the ASUS Utility component of the motherboard. ATK Hotkey Express Service is referred to as AtkexComsvc. On computers with ASUS motherboards, it is preinstalled.

Atkexcomsvc.exe is located by default in C:/Program Files/ASUS/AXUP on Windows systems, but it can also be found in other places. ASUS manufactures everything from computers for phones to monitors and displays.

Asus Cert Service

AsusCertService.exe is a part of ASUSTek COMPUTER INC’s ( software called ARMOURY CRATE Lite Service.

Depending on its location, atkexcomsvc.exe’s file size varies from 918,144 bytes to 920,736 bytes. Files in subfolders are 920,736 bytes in size.

Should AtkexComSvc be disabled?

Asus Logo

As many users noticed the “AtkexComSvc” process in the task manager, they wondered what it was. This article will explain what the program does and whether you should disable it completely.

In fact, even though the Asus Motherboard Utility’s name implies otherwise, users rarely use it. They ask themselves this question when the application is using a lot of resources. Drivers are updated automatically without the need for additional software on modern operating systems, so Asus Motherboard Utility does not update drivers very often.

Uninstall Asus Com Service

The asComSvc service can also be disabled by running msconfig. Or you can check the registry, remove (or mark) asComSvc from the Run heading, and check it under the Services tab.

Additionally, AtkexComSvc and Asus Motherboard Utility have been reported to cause problems with other computer components. The utility and its related components should therefore be disabled or even uninstalled, as they are completely safe to do so and have no negative side effects on your computer. Despite using minimal resources, the computer remains stable and even performs better.




I noticed that it uses a lot of RAM. When it starts, it only uses 7MB, but that gradually increases. After about two weeks, I hit 1.9GB. What does this service (C:/Program Files (x86)/ASUS/AXSP/1.00.16/atkexComSvc.exe) do?

ATK Extender Communication Service is to be found in the AtkexComsvc.exe file. This process is linked with an ASUS motherboard utility that updates BIOS and device drivers.

When you start your computer, AkexComsvc.exe is set to run automatically. Due to the fact that it uses a lot of CPU resources, your computer will appear to run slowly after AtkexComsvc.exe appears in Task Manager. Many users complain that their computer slows down after executing this task.

ASUS Motherboard Utility maintains BIOS and device drivers up to date on ASUS computers using the original file atkexComSvc.exe. ASUS Motherboard Utility is a software component. ASUS motherboard utility communication processes are executed by ACEngSvr.exe. If problems are known, it can be disabled as it is not an essential Windows process.

The service started running immediately after a fresh Windows 10 installation, I’m pretty sure it’s Asus crap (I own a Z97 Pro).

Integrated Windows users can perform most of the tasks handled by AtkexComsvc, so you can disable it if this process uses a lot of CPU resources.

As well as slowing down your computer, AtkexComsvc can also cause various errors in Windows, including corrupted files. If you want to avoid these problems, then you should disable the AtkexComsvc process.

AtkexComsvc is not a virus and was developed by a well-known organization like ASUS, so you can deactivate it or remove it completely. It is entirely your choice.

Types of error messages you should be aware of:

No such file or directory for AtkexComsvc.

We are unable to process this request because it is invalid for Win32.

An access violation occurred for the address FFFFFFF in the module

Also, you shouldn’t have more than 20% CPU usage from this folder.

According to Asus Motherboard Utility, the program is responsible for maintaining the BIOS and driver updates, and it requires the atkexcomsvc program.

This folder’s location can be found in the table above.
It is likely to be corrupted if found in a user directory.

How to block the process

Updated: April 2024

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How to block the process

You can find Asus Com Service by scrolling down the service list, double-clicking it, and choosing Properties.

An atkexcomsvc.exe file that changes its location, CPU, and memory specifications indicates that it is not authentic and needs to be repaired. If one of these three specs changes, the file is no longer authentic. Here are some ways to recover from Trojan horses and save your order.

OS Repair

You can start by pressing your keyboard’s Start key.
The input command should show the correct option when you type a command line or a window in the search bar.
Right-click the command line once it has been selected.
You are now able to run the program as an administrator. 5.
DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup- should now appear in the popup window on the black screen.
The image/recovery of health.
The process will begin once you press Enter.
8. Reboot.


As a software component of the ASUS Motherboard Utility, atkexComSvc.exe is genuine. In order for ASUS Motherboard Utility to work, ACEngSvr.exe must run communication processes required for the ASUS Motherboard Utility to be used. ASUS Motherboard Utility keeps BIOS and device drivers up-to-date.

No, but it is possible to disable ASUS Com Service, as the AtkexComsvc.exe process runs automatically when you turn on your computer and runs in the background. Sometimes this process can do some version comparison checks, which will load the system and cause freezes in games. Also, this service can automatically download and install motherboard driver updates, which can significantly reduce PC performance. On the Microsoft forum, many users have experienced other errors due to the AtkexComsvc.exe process. We can disable ASUS Com Service, but very rarely you will need to enable it if you need a fresh BIOS or drivers for your ASUS motherboard.

You can uninstall the Asus Motherboard Utility program by right clicking it on the Programs and Features page.

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In case this doesn’t work, run a system scan.

Try running a system scan

Atkexcomsvc.exe will be removed if it is corrupt in your system scan, as a result of the scan detecting corrupt files and removing them.

Using the same command window as before, conduct a scan by entering the following command: SFC/scan in the command window.
Once the process has completed, press Enter. Let it restart on its own.

You can remove the AI package from your computer if you don’t use it, using anti-virus software if necessary. Its use isn’t very useful and it doesn’t cause any damage.
An executable file, however, is required to run AI Suite.

Solution for AI Suite users

Start AI Suite by clicking on the icon.
1. Click on the left-hand menu and search for “Mobo Connect.”.
You should disable “shared mouse/keyboard” and audio mode as well.
Then click “Apply”.

Complete removal using the Uninstaller software

The processor shouldn’t be completely uninstalled if you’re using an Asus motherboard and you don’t load it up with a lot of processes. Follow this procedure and uninstall this application completely if you experience problems with it, or if your system crashes and is suspended.
A third-party application needs to be installed on your computer to do this process successfully and easily.

You must first download the application and install it on your computer by opening your browser.
The uninstaller is available here. Check this line to download it.
The file will be downloaded to your system when you click “Save.”.
Follow the instructions provided in the file once you have received it.
By clicking on the shortcut icon or looking for the executable file, you can run the program now.
In case the program becomes uncontrollable on your computer, you can troubleshoot and uninstall it by selecting Atkexcomsvc.exe from the list and clicking “Remove.”.


Often times, the executable AtkexComSvc.exe will appear on your system as a problem. We have provided all the basic information in this article to assist you.

Furthermore, you may want to consider installing spyware or antivirus software if you are not a computer expert.

When not proficient in the use of computer tools, it makes no sense to solve this problem manually.

Nevertheless, you have a variety of methods available to you to solve this problem, and we hope that this guide was useful to you and that you were able to get the right answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This atkexComSvc.exe is a software component of the ASUS Motherboard Utility. ASUS Motherboard Utility is software pre-installed on ASUS motherboard based systems. By default, the program is set to run when the system boots. It is not necessary and may slow down the system startup.

What is AtkexComSvc.exe? AtkexComSvc.exe.exe is a software application. It is a component that comes with your Asus motherboard. You can find this file in “C:\Program Files (x86)”—particularly C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AXSP\1.02.

The process known as ASUS HM Com Service or ASUS GPU TweakII belongs to a program unknown to ASUSTeK Computer ( The process runs in the background under the name HmComSvc. There is no description of the program. The program has no visible window.

  1. Press "Windows" + "R" to open the prompt.
  2. Enter "Control Panel" and press "Enter".
  3. Click on the "Uninstall Program" option.
  4. Double click on "Asus Motherboard Utility" in the options and follow the instructions on the screen to remove it completely from your computer.

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