[0xC1900107] How to fix Windows Update Error 0xC1900107

  • Windows error code 0xC1900107 refers to a cleanup operation from a previous installation that is still pending or needs to be installed prior to any further updates that can be installed.
  • Using the Windows 10 Update assistant only works when you are going from one major version (1607,1709,1803,1809 etc.) to the latest version of Windows 10.

Error 0xC1900107 in Windows Update: How to fix it

Various error codes are easy to exploit in Windows 10, which is why Microsoft regularly releases security updates to address these vulnerabilities. When users try to update Windows, they experience an update error 0x800f0990. This prevents them from downloading the latest Windows update. There is no universal solution for this error, as it can be caused by many factors.

There are many Windows errors that can arise when installing or updating Windows. Today, we’ll look at 0xC1900107, an error code that causes Windows updates and installations to fail.

If you have another error code, you may want to search the rest of our guides, as we often have more guides for Windows error codes. You can do so by going here to search.

Windows 11 Assistant Not Working

If the app is stuck, or if memory is full, reboots are often helpful.


You can also try freeing up disk space to see if this error is fixed, as it can also be caused by not enough free space on your hard drive.

Here’s a list of fixes you can try if your Windows error code 0xC1900107 occurs after a cleanup operation from a previous installation.

  • Restart your PC

It’s often a sign that you have to install an update or a previous version of a program before you can upgrade. 9 times out of ten, restarting will fix it. If it still doesn’t work, follow these steps for help.

  1. Use the Windows Update Assistant 

The Windows 10 update assistant is one of the ways we’ve figured out to utilize. You can access it on the Windows 10 download page if you’re going from a major version (1607,1709,1803,1809, etc.) to the latest.

 When you’re ready to update, it will indicate at the top whether you can, and you’ll have the option to do so by clicking on ‘Update Now’. Following these steps will take you to the latest version, which fixes many issues, including the Windows error code 0xC1900107.  

You can run Windows Update Troubleshooter by removing the Windows 10 Update Assistant application before launching this tool, which is designed to diagnose any update-related issue found in your computer.

Using the Windows Update Assistant (0xC1900107)
Using the Windows Update Assistant
  1. Run the Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter

The Windows 10 update troubleshooter is the newest troubleshooter Microsoft added to their software. You can do this by typing in ‘Troubleshoot’ into the Windows search bar, and finding ‘Windows Updates’ in the settings. After clicking it, click ‘Run Troubleshooter’. In order to do this, you may need administrative rights.  

Searching for Troubleshooting Settings on Windows 10
Searching for Troubleshooting Settings on Windows 10
Windows 10 Troubleshoot Windows Update
Windows 10 Troubleshoot Windows Update


  1. Attempt a DSIM Repair

If you run a DSIM repair, you will resolve issues with your Windows 10 image, which may cause your PC to run into some problems. You can find out if this is the case by typing ‘CMD’ in your search box. In order to run it, you have to use the command line. Right click and select run as administrator if you aren’t an administrator on your computer. 

Searching for Console (CMD) in Windows 10 (0xC1900107)
Searching for Console (CMD) in Windows 10

The following command should be entered once you are in your command line; 

It is important to update your device drivers as they play a major role in PC and hardware connectivity, so an error code of 0xc1900107 could occur when your device drivers are out of date.

Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth DISM.exe 

If there are any problems with your image, the program will let you know and repair them if they can be fixed. The entire process can take a significant amount of time, so do not be alarmed.  

With DiskInternals Partition Recovery, you can restore lost data from your hard drive in three easy steps. The program can also create disk images for backup purposes. It is compatible with all Windows versions.

Reimage Reimage must be purchased licensed to fix damaged systems.

Windows 10 update error 0xc1900107 can be fixed in the same way as Windows 11. These are mostly the same causes.


Attempt a DSM Repair on Windows 10 CMD
Attempt a DSM Repair on Windows 10 CMD


  1. Contact Microsoft Support 

Even though Microsoft may not the best with support, they still do support you with issues such as this. You can contact Microsoft support here and let them know what you’ve done, what the error is and they can most likely pinpoint issues with your system or at least point you in the correct direction. 

The error code “0xC1900107” is always helpful when speaking with Microsoft or the Microsoft community. 

  1. Reinstall Windows  

If all of the above have not worked, it may be worth looking into repairing or reinstalling Windows. Windows 10 can be quite confusing, especially when errors occur. If all the above have not worked, this is the last resort. You might consider hiring a professional if you’re uncomfortable with this, or we’ll have a guide on it soon! 

Please let us know if none of these methods have worked for you, and we will rewrite the article and check the error code. 


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