[0x80240034] Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240034

  • The error code 0x80240034 is commonly associated with Windows 10 update issues.
  • Microsoft has since released a fix this, but a few people are still reporting this error to be unresolved.
  • To resolve the error code, a few users have been using the following list of instructions to resolve their issues.
  • You can run the Windows Update Troubleshooter to see if any problems can be resolved through that.
  • If not, continue onto the next step.

Typically, Windows 10 update issues are caused by error code 0x80240034. The error code prevents the entire OS updating process. Even though Microsoft has issued a fix to this error, some people continue to report that it is still unresolved. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

If you have another error code, try searching here for another, specific resolution.

The error appears on 1803 as well as 1809 and 1903 Windows versions. 

To resolve the error code, 0x80240034, a few users have been using the following list of instructions to resolve their issues.

      1) Reset the Windows Update Service.

  1. Using the search bar, type “Services”, right-click, and select “Run as administrator” to reset the Windows Update Service.
  2. Locate ‘Windows Update’ and right-click to stop it.
    1. Also, you can use the command prompt to stop it by typing: ‘net stop wuauserv’ as an administrator.
  3. Start by right-clicking once you have stopped. 
    1. Then type ‘net start wuauserv’ from the command prompt.
  4. Continue onto the next step if the Windows update does not restart after the computer has restarted.

    2) Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

  1. Click on ‘Update and Security’ in the Settings app to run the troubleshooter.
  2. Click on Troubleshoot on the left of Update and Security. Select Windows Update from the list. 
  3. Using the troubleshooter, try resolving any problems that may arise within it once it’s been run.

We have a full update fault fixer that includes several troubleshooting steps and works for any update problem, including the error code 0x80240034. We hope you will find it helpful.


In Windows Update, you may receive the following error message: Windows 10 feature update, version 1803, failed to download, or “failed to install”, with error code: 0x80240034. The error 0x80240034 is most likely related to the fact that when the update occurs, the machine does not have internet access.

You might see the error 0x80240034 when trying to update your Windows 10. Your Windows Update will get stuck at 1% and it will fail after a while. If you then click on the View Installed Update History, you’ll see the error code 0x80240034 for the failed updates. This will keep happening every time you try to update your Windows. Also, keep in mind that this isn’t happening for a specific version of the Windows Update. People are experiencing this problem on various different Windows builds. Another thing worth mentioning is that some users are seeing a different error code when their Windows Update fails but they still see the error code 0x80240034 when checking the Windows Update history.

An update that fails to install produces the Windows Update Error 80240034.

There are many common reasons why Windows Update fails, including corrupted or damaged system files such as DLLs, EXEs, SYS files, etc. Method 1: Fix using Advanced System Repair Tool

Try clearing the Updates folder if you have downloaded the update several times, but it still doesn’t work.

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